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September 9, 2017

Hurricane Irma – currently classified as a Category 3 storm – is lingering over the north coast of Cuba and is forecast to re-strengthen as it moves toward Florida, expected to make landfall at daybreak.  On its current track, Irma will reach Georgia by Monday morning.  Although Hurricanes Katia and Jose are not expected to impact the U.S., we will continue to monitor both storms closely.

Windstream’s business continuity plan – which includes field activity as well as multiple, daily planning calls for key Windstream engineering, operations and business staff – has been activated and will remain in effect throughout the duration of the storm in all states expected to be impacted by Irma. Our technicians have executed standard preparedness measures – such as performing system backups, testing generators and equipment, ensuring availability of fuel supply, vehicles, food, miscellaneous supplies and other required tools – in all storm-affected areas. Additionally, we have personnel stationed at storm shelters and our fuel provider is on standby.  In the event flooding reaches a site, portable generators and cabinets have been staged at strategic locations and our engineers are on call and ready to switch out equipment if necessary.

These disciplined procedures have been specifically designed and executed to keep our network and customers’ services functional. In the event of any unavoidable weather-related outages, we will restore service as quickly as possible and as soon as it is safe for our employees to do so.  While our goal is to restore service outages as soon as we are able, we are taking care to heed all official government warnings to either evacuate or take shelter. As a result, our ability to dispatch field technicians for repair work may be limited if conditions are unsafe.

Please continue to watch this page for updates as the storm progresses. If your services are impacted, please open a ticket using the Wholesale Service Assurance portal or myLink. For additional support options or questions, reference these Contact Guides.

We are watching this storm diligently and working around the clock to maintain all network operations. As always, our primary concern remains the safety of our customers, our partners, our employees and all those affected by Hurricane Irma.

For official storm updates and details, please access the National Hurricane Center – Twitter Feed.

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