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Turn Your Existing Toll Free Traffic Into A Revenue Stream

8YY Origination Service provides transport of our carrier partner’s 800 calls that were originated on the partner’s services or facilities and delivered to Windstream. Once the carrier partner hands off their 8YY Long Distance traffic, Windstream performs the SMS DIP and hands the calls to the ILEC or IXC over our IXC trunks for termination. We receive Interstate Access revenue from the various IXCs and share a portion of the revenue received with the carrier, who thus benefits from a new revenue stream associated with this traffic, not to mention the cost savings.

8YY Features and Benefits

8YY Features

Windstream's 8YY features competitive customer compensation with the ability to eliminate the need for unnecessary infrastructure build-outs.

8YY Benefits

Windstream's 8YY gives our customers superior quality with a simple and fast activation and revenue sharing opportunities.


Fault-tolerant infrastructure intelligently connects our network for exceptional performance.

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