Windstream Wholesale recently unveiled an enhanced Interactive Network Map that offers an elevated user experience.

With a new map user interface and functionality, customers can navigate our core long-haul network, including regional and metro and in-progress builds, down to the street address level. Our Next Gen 400G routes and points of presence (POP) are also right at your fingertips!

By utilizing the layer functionality, you can turn on or off different aspects of our network or gain an unobstructed map view in full screen. You can see where our POPs align with your current sites in a geographical context. When you identify a route, fiber build, or POP that satisfies your connectivity or diversity needs, you can export your map view with the print feature and reach out to our experienced sales or engineering representatives to discuss.

We look forward to discussing a customized solution to empower your network!

From tailgates to touchdowns, another exciting football season has kicked off across the country. Whether you’re rallying behind your college alma mater or cherished NFL team, heart-stopping moments won’t be hard to come by in the months ahead.

We huddled up with CRO, Joe Scattareggia to talk about team success as it relates to a leader’s playbook, tackling the Top 3 traits he believes coaches and leaders must have to build a strong, successful team.

  • Culture – create an open, inclusive environment where everyone understands their role – that forms a bond and makes a winning team;
  • Effective two-way communication – all feedback is important – on and off the field or in the boardroom;
  • Trust and Respect your team – alignment and empowerment leads to the right game plan with the right plays – resulting in success,
  • and a bonus – Love the game? – If you love and enjoy what you do, your team will, too… and a little tailgating never hurts.