Windstream Wholesale set the industry pace in August 2020, becoming the first to market 400G. Our coast-to-coast coverage spans multiple routes on Windstream’s Intelligence Converged Optional Network (ICON) with 103 current 400G points of presence (POPs) and soon to be over 120 400G POPs by YE 2023.

This experience and technology expertise led to an exclusive partnership with II-IV (now Coherent Corp) resulting in the co-development and industry-first launch of a regional 400G service, powered by ZR+ coherent technology.

Regional Rapid Fiber with ZR+ technology 400G wave service provides customers the freedom to add circuits for flexibility and redundancy, expanding beyond the point-to-point, coast-to-coast connectivity model and focusing on multi-point connections within a regional radius. Connectivity is accessible within ~50 regional POPs across ICON.

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