Partnership is not an empty platitude here. We’ve built it right into our org chart by centering product, engineering, finance, service delivery, and sales under a unified Wholesale umbrella. Then create culturally aligned, agile working groups. To see where this impacts customers in the most wonderful way, watch us work for you when the pressure is on…

100G Circuits

Need seventeen 100G circuits in 2 weeks to cover a gap in your disaster recovery plan? We’ll do it (actually did it) in 5 days – faster than the next guy produced a quote.  Oh, and this happened over a holiday. 

of Bandwidth

Figuring out how to spin up 4.8TB of bandwidth to deliver a cloud product? We got that too. Forty-eight 100GB circuits including long haul overbuild, equipment procurement and even turning up space and power at key locations along the way.


Intelligent Converged Optical Network

We also exhibit the power of partnership in some of our long term strategic endeavors like ICON by Windstream, our intelligent converged optical network. Partnering with equipment vendors and even chip manufacturers around their adaptive and automation-ready architecture allowed us to advance the state of capacity, speed, reliability and network intelligence and become the leader in optical network technology .