Industry Leading Transport Optical Network

and C+L band support enabling extreme bandwidth growth
ZR+ Optics
(Intelligent Converged Optical Network) disaggregated network architecture built from the ground up with the leading technology components from partners like Ciena and II-VI Incorporated.

Intelligent Network (Network Intelligence)

Network Intelligence is another example of Windstream Wholesale’s technology leadership.  Through Network Intelligence insights your company will have access to network visibility and management functionality which is an extension of your network. 

Network Intelligence is… Visibility

No more “fat dumb pipes”.  Customers will have industry leading visibility into WW’s intelligent network providing proactive monitoring, proactive ticketing, network health visibility, and route visibility.

  • Proactive Monitoring and Ticketing
  • Realtime Operational Dashboards
  • Circuit-Level Maintenance & Ticket History
  • Logical and Fiber-Route (KMZ)
    Circuit Paths
  • Historical Performance Metrics
  • Route mapping, Trouble Ticket and Maintenance events and History

Layer 0, 1, 2, 3 Network Health Performance Metric Visibility

OTDR, OSNR, DGD, CD, Optical Power
Light Level Power Levels, Rx/Tx
Latency, Loss, Jitter
DCUR, DDoS Visibility

Network Intelligence is… Self-Service Management

Customers can leverage self-service tools and manage their network directly without contacting their WW support team

  • Self-Service Testing
    • Non-intrusive:  OTDR, L0 & L1 on-demand PM tests
    • Intrusive: Wave & Ethernet Loop back testing
  • Full Circuit Path with active & historical outage visibility
  • Pre-Sales diverse route options with KMZ and Latency
  • Bandwidth on Demand
  • DDoS Mitigation

Network Intelligence is… An extension of your network

Customers can choose to either use the portal or develop to WW’s API to display data the customer’s system.

  • API Performance Metrics
    • L0 – OTDR, OSNR, DGD, CD
    • L1 – Light Level Power Levels
  • API Order Status
  • API Ticketing and Repair
  • API Self-Service Testing
  • API Quoting
  • API Ordering
  • API Bandwidth on Demand

“I think we can do what we do for customers because our entire organization embraces our fast and flexible mentality and culture in a very real, everyday way.”

Buddy Bayer
President, Windstream Enterprise
and Wholesale business unit