Network intelligence customer portal and API provide Layer 0-3 network insights


Disaggregated network architecture enables best of breed open line system, scalability, and alien wave support


Flexgrid and C+L band support enable extreme bandwidth growth


Efficient architecture between local and long-haul networks

Optical Leadership

Our new generation of optical transport technology uses Colorless Directionless Contentionless Flex-Grid (CDCF) add/drop functionality, which greatly adds to the capacity, design flexibility, and operational efficiency of the network. 

More Visibility

Windstream Wholesale’s vision is to enable customers to view and manage the services that we provide as if they were part of their own network and operational ecosystem.  We share and expose data/information to empower our customers with self-service management tools. For companies who do not want to fully integrate their systems, Windstream Wholesale provides the ICONNECT portal which brings the same network intelligence functionality to a web-based user interface.

Expect Smarter

ICON gives end-users access to machine learning based predictive analytics about the health and performance of the network, plus proactive ticketing, monthly SLA reports, and inventory management.

  • Flexible design options, alien wave support and multi-vendor interoperability;
  • More bandwidth, customer-centric design options, and multi-vendor interop support;
  • Layer Zero analytics and Layer One analytics that enable Network Health monitoring through Windstream’s carrier portal as a single pane of glass network management tool; and
  • Faster provisioning via SDN orchestration for both design-based and intent-based provisioning of wave and Ethernet solutions.