Perfect for carriers, hyperscalers and global organizations needing ultra-low latency with high reliability and route diversity, Windstream’s Wavelength services enable private, secure, ultra-high, point-to-point connectivity for critical data centers, cable landing stations, border crossing locations and other key points of presence in your network. Windstream’s wave service is built to meet 10GB to multi-terabyte sized bandwidth demands. And, as a fully managed service, you won’t need your own staff or NOC in place to manage your own network.

Dark Fiber

Want to manage your own private network without the construction cost of connecting your locations? Windstream dark fiber gets you there. Our nation-wide dark fiber assets enable high-capacity connectivity between and within major US markets and into Canada. Designs are tailored and flexible, with offerings that include IRU and lease plus asset/strand purchase options per route, so you can craft the network you need with the control required by your experienced team. Our dark fiber equips customers with physical strands to enable multi-gigabit capacity. Gain an exclusive network and achieve faster time to market for secure, private connectivity between locations.

Managed Spectrum

When you don’t have the resources to construct and manage your own network fiber, Windstream Managed Spectrum is a viable alternative to meeting massive capacity needs in a private connection between locations. Spectrum gives you the flexibility to add/remove/reconfigure waves to reach 2.4TB capacities with a far smaller investment that grows with you. Equivalent to a slice of dark fiber, you gain network control, achieve performance demand, and light your route faster. Windstream manages the line system while you manage the client-side optics, reducing your capex, opex, overhead and maintenance costs.

IP Transit

Our IP transit (DIA PoP) service gives carriers, regional ISPs, electric coops and data centers high-capacity connections to Tier 1 providers and CDNs enabling low-latency internet access to their downstream customers. If you need large pipes to connect customer traffic to the rest of the internet, our IP transit service may be the right fit. Our fiber and network assets allow us to operate a fully scalable, reliable, and diverse network environment. A competitively priced alternative to local exchange providers, IP transit customers can also extend service with our Wavelength Services or leverage their existing transport.

Dedicated Internet Access

We offer dedicated internet access (DIA Prem) for carriers and resellers, providing internet service to end user locations. DIA customers take advantage of our 16,000+ lit and over 400,000 prequalified fixed wireless buildings, plus our carrier partnerships to cover their service areas. If your business needs resilient, high-speed connections to the Internet, Windstream Wholesale DIA offers unmatched security, redundancy, and performance.


You don’t have to source your own colo space when working with Windstream. Our operations team supports customers of strategic products like Dark Fiber, Waves, or Managed Spectrum through a nationwide network of colocation facilities to house and maintain your own equipment. Carrier-class colocation is just one example of how Windstream’s partnership mentality creates a complete product for our customers.

Ethernet Access

Windstream Wholesale’s nationwide Ethernet footprint offers the high-speed bandwidths you need to support essential voice, video and data applications. Select the Ethernet architecture that is right for you (E-Line, E-Access) across our nationwide MPLS network. Carriers with their own Layer 3 products find Ethernet an economical way to fill gaps in their own network. Simply extend into places where you don’t have an existing presence using Windstream Ethernet.

Custom Engineered Solutions

We are not afraid of unique challenges. In fact, we embrace them as a strength of our team powered by our fast & flexible approach. From cell site backhaul to fixed wireless, our integrated wholesale team can engineer the right set of services and solutions for nearly any application.

Other Solutions

We support our network infrastructure and products with other services and solutions to help drive your business outcomes.

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