Joe Scattareggia

President, Windstream Wholesale

“I take a lot of pride in the Windstream Wholesale team. They are truly capable of amazing things, and I get personally motivated when they are recognized by things like the Best North American Wholesale Carrier award…and this is just the beginning!

Mike Allen

Vice President, Wholesale Sales Engineering

“I love that we’re there with our clients through the whole process. We help them clarify the challenges, define a solution, identify new network routes, install technology and exceed customer expectations. What’s not to like when the customers say, ‘you can do that?’”

John Nishimoto

SVP, Products, Marketing & Strategy, WholesaLE SOLUTIONS

“Everything we do is aimed at making it easy to connect to our network, leading in the optical technology space and making it incredibly easy to work with us. We’re really focused on building a customer experience around our three strategic pillars.”

Mike Crimmins

Vice President, WHOLESALE Carrier Services

“Staying ahead of the innovation curve and continuing to be a leader in optical technology helps drive my team forward. Customers want to be with someone who is “best in the business.”

Trey Allen

Vice President, Wholesale Sales

“When we lead the way in optical technology and focus so intently on where wholesale customers are going to need new infrastructure, it makes my team’s job pretty easy. We get to spend our time on the relationship because the rest is already there.”

Phil Cusumano

Head of Sales, global accounts, Wholesale Sales

“We take the time to listen to our customers. We have the right partners in the right locations and continue to expand our network and connections where our global partners need to be – before they need to be there. We’re ready when you’re ready.”

Shaden Shorrosh


“Windstream Wholesale is privileged to support our Federal Government. Our technology leadership in optical network services, combined with an intimate familiarity with federal requirements and procurement processes, sets us apart in the market. It’s an honor to serve those who serve.”