Windstream Wholesale was one or the first to construct new network infrastructure with open and disaggregated network architecture that reliably scales its customized optical solutions.  We were first to 400G commercial wave service and the first to validate ZR+ pluggables from the data center to the long haul network by setting records in a live network over 1,000km.  Recognizing the need for better Layer 0 analytics accessible by customers, our team provides that data into our portal or via API to their own systems.

We have established a legacy of forward thinking, plus action, and we’re just getting started…

Technology Roadmap

We’re pointed down a path determined by the priorities of our customers and emerging needs.  While not an exhaustive list, our technology roadmaps include new firsts for the industry.

  • OTDR circuit up/down data shown in a network map view
  • Coherent probing for Layer 0 monitoring
  • Self-service waves and ethernet loop-back testing
  • Birth Certificate data to compare current performance to original test and turn up performance

Our self-service and Network Intelligence functions are accessed via the iCONNECT portal or via API for seamless flow into customer systems.