Meet the Team

Shaden Shorrosh

Sales Director

Mark Thompson


Support Where You Need It

For Government Agencies

Windstream combines technology leadership in optical network services with knowledge of the procurement process.  We can help identify the best contract mechanism for your project or needs including bringing the right partners to the table.

For EIS Vendors

We partner with you, providing access to our network assets in fulfillment of your contracts.  Intimately familiar with the federal requirements and process, our team can seamlessly integrate into and support your project.

For System Integrators

We play the role of telecommunications partner for defense, energy, data systems and more.  We can identify the best way to fulfill the telecommunications elements of your solutions.

Success Stories

Windstream Wholesale provides connectivity between all major domestic data centers in the US. Windstream also provides route diversity as well as large Nx100G capacity. Its strategy is to make it…

Managed Spectrum provides a block of photonic capacity measured in GHz to interconnect two locations within a metropolitan area, or across the country. The unique benefit to our customers is…

Summary: Streaming content providers are plenty, and maintaining subscriber growth and rising content costs are challenges they all face. With the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones coming to a wrap,…