Windstream Wholesale set the pace in 2020 as the first to market 400G. Our coast-to-coast long-haul coverage offers 120 400G POPs (80 current; 40 more by YE 2023) across our Intelligent Converged Optical Network (ICON).

Our proven engineering, service delivery, and 400G install experience provides a seamless transition from 100G to 400G – in addition to high-capacity, low-latency transport, and industry-leading turn-up intervals.

Explore our coverage and connectivity options and stay tuned as we continue to expand our 400G capabilities and footprint.

On May 8, 2023, Windstream Wholesale proudly introduced the industry’s first Regional 400G, powered by ZR+ technology. Regional Rapid Fiber 400G expands beyond the point-to-point, coast-to-coast connectivity model, focusing on multi-point connections within a regional radius across ICON.

Our pre-deployed 400G capacity enables rapid turn-up within ~50 regional POPs with unique service flexibility, including technical proof of performance options, short-term, event-based 400G priced like long-term services, risk-free migration from 100G to 400G, capacity reservation service, and environmentally friendly power & thermal optimization.

Read more about going beyond the Next-Gen of 400G in our recent press release.

The greatest week in telecom has come and gone. ITW 2023 in National Harbor was a great success and we enjoyed meeting with many of our customers and partners. With 5,900+ in attendance, this show really has become the ‘superbowl’ of our industry.

We asked CRO, Joe Scattareggia, to name his Top 3 insights from ITW 2023. See how they compare to yours!

  • ITW is the international super bowl of conferences and it delivered once again this year!
  • There is nothing like seeing/networking with all of our customers from all over the world in the best setting at one conference – all focused on doing business together.
  • The global industry is moving forward quickly with new requirements and being able to support customers’ needs with new leading technology advancements, like 400g, is the future for companies like WW.