Reveal More. Manage Confidently.

On October 3, 2022, Windstream Wholesale proudly introduced our revolutionary customer portal – iconnect! Offering unique visibility into both wavelength and fiber performance, WW customers gain access to multi-layer network health data and self-service features which enable them to reveal more and manage confidently with network intelligence tools that serve as an extension of their network.   

Shortly following this announcement, another Press Release made headlines on January 5, 2023, when Windstream Wholesale introduced KMZs on demand and providing customers with a self-service, full-fiber path view of their wavelength circuits using KMZ files through their iconnect customer portal.

The WW Team continues to work every day to enhance this unique portal and remain on the leading edge for our customers. Iconnect will continue to evolve as WW continues to push the industry forward as a technology leader!  

Reveal More.

  • Multi-Layer Network Health Performance Metrics
  • Proactive Wave monitoring and ticketing
  • Logical and Fiber-Route Circuit Paths
  • Circuit-Level Maintenance and Ticket History

Manage Confidently.

  • Circuit path with active and historic outage visibility
  • Non-Intrusive multi-layer network health performance measurements

An Extension of your Network.

  • API Performance Metrics
  • API Order Status
  • API Ticketing and Repair
  • API Quoting and Ordering

“In what we believe is a first for the industry, Windstream Wholesale will provide customers with real-time access to multi-layer network intelligence and health data as well as a suite of self-service tools delivered through our intuitive iconnect user interface or via APIs. Taken together, these features will give customers a deep look into the moment-by-moment performance of our network.”

– Joe Scattareggia, CRO Windstream Wholesale